Healthy Video Recipes | 3 quick & healthy breakfast ideas | Living The Healthy Choice


I have prepared 3 breakfast ideas for you that you can quickly prepare in the morning or at night before hand when you don’t have much time in the morning but still want to make sure to have a balanced and good breakfast!

The first recipe is for: Which means that you let oats soak overnight in plant milk or water. In the morning you just take it out of fridge or with you to work / school and just top it with all sorts of berries. The second recipe is reeeally simple! I love to have a good whole grain (seed) bread and top it with: avocado! You can refine it with cherry tomatoes, a bit rucola and some pumpkin seeds. Just have a look in fridge what else you’ve got in there.

Chickpeas also taste great on it! And one last recipe: a smoothie – a banana breakfast smoothie! I have frozen the bananas beforehand, just cut them up and put them in a big in the freezer! And just blend them up with some oats in order to get some dietary fibre. It’s great to take on the go with you when you don’t feel like having a big breakfast. That’s it for my 3 quick breakfast ideas I hope I could give you a bit inspiration there and you can always change them up a bit, according to what you’ve got at home or feel like. I hope you’re having a good day and I’ll see you soon – bye!.