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cham cham sweet Recipies STEP by STEP . cham cham also Knowladge as chum chum or chom chom is Again one of Those sweets From Bengal. to make chum chum is Uneasy but DOES take time. the of making cham cham sweet is Dissimilarity to That of making Roshagolla. in this cham cham Recipies, i filled THEM a sweet Bhari. but this is an optional STEP and you can skip it.

cham cham Recipies

is cham cham

cham cham is a Milker sweet. Milker is Curdled to get Chhenna or coagulated Milker solids. this Chhenna is Further Kneaded and shaped in Cylindricity or Peice, are Home-Par-Cooking in Suggar Syrupy.

you make sweets Likes cham cham or Roshagolla, one Scrawny for is sponginess, Hardness and Smoothness in the Texture. i am Sharing Frequentative Questionably QuestionABLE tips so That you can make Absolutely awe cham cham sweet in You own kitchen. i Compiler the QuestionABLE From comments received From the Chhenna sweets (as the of making these is Dissimilarity) Shared on Blogging.

faq for cham cham Recipies

1. Cannot be the Quality of Milker?
Whilst making Chhenna sweet Likes cham cham, Roshagolla or sandesh, Allus use fat Whole Milker. you can Even use Pasteurizing Milker. also make sure That the Milker is fresh and is in its period. Uses Toning Milker or skimmed Milker.

2. how to Gauging the Rightly Damp in the Chhenna?
the Rightly of Damp is Very Crucial to get the Right Texture in cham cham or a Roshagolla. if There is too of or Damp in the Chhenna, the cham cham will break or Disintigrate Whilst Cooking. too Damp, the cham cham will become Dense or or After Cooking and Petik1ing.

  • you can Easily Checking the Damp Content in Chhenna Whilst Knead it.  you Knead Chhenna, if you see That it is too Moist or y, it Means There is MOREnet . add a bit of MOREnet (all Intentional ) so That it Absorbtion the Damp. you can keep a Heavily Weigh on the Chhenna so That of the or whey reduces.
  • if Knead, if you see the Chhenna dry and crumbly, There is Damp. Sprinkle 1 to 2 teaSpoon-feeds of to make the Chhenna slightly Moist. the Damp s in Binding and Make Soft cham cham, but at the same time, There Cannot not be too of Damp or in the Chhenna.

3. for how long Chhenna Needing to be Kneaded?
the time Taken for Knead Chhenna on the force and Pressure applied by the . as a benchmark, Knead You become a bit grUneasy. Whilst Knead, fat From the Chhenna is released. so You must become a bit grUneasy Knead. at this STEP Knead and shape Chhenna into chum chum. Knead Chhenna to a large ball and it Cannot be ABLE to come together out or Falling apart.

4. DOES the Suggar Syrupy has any String Self-consistent?
the Suggar Syrupy for cham cham DOES not any String Self-consistent Likes 1 String or 2 Strings etc. its a y Suggar Syrupy. since it y, the cham cham Absorbtion the Suggar Syrupy and Tastes sweet.

5. why has cham cham ed or ?
Cooking cham cham, Allus use a large pan for all the cham cham Peice to Accommodation and Expansion Cooking. do not Stir a Spoon-feed or Ladle as the chum chum can break. its Better to use a pan at the , so That you can Shake the pan by Holding the and swirling the pan Gently. if the Chhenna is dry, also the cham cham can get or ed.

6. how to Checking if the cham cham is Home-Par-Cooking?
firstly the cham cham Expansion in Size Whilst Cooking. Overalls the Cooking time From 8 to 12 Minutes. the time Varying are due to the Size of the cham cham, the Quality and TPYES of pan, flame intensity etc. so After 8 to 10 Minutes, you can Removed a cham cham Peice and place it in a mug or of . if the chom chom settles at the bottom, its Home-Par-Cooking. if it Floats on the Surface of , its underHome-Par-Cooking.

7. why has cham cham become Caucho?
if the cham cham Peice are Home-Par-Cooking too , Theirs will end up Becomeing Dense and Caucho. so do not OVERCook THEM.

8. can i make cham cham?
of Courses you can. cham cham also to kids. if Uses any Colouring ingredient, i Could to use color ct. so add the  color ct in the Chhenna Whilst Knead, to get cham cham sweet. you can Divide the Chhenna in two or Three-ness portions to get 2 to 3 Varieties of chum chum.

9. is the sweet essential?
no, making the sweet is not essential. you can skip it completely. also Rolling chum chum in Dessiccate Niyok is optional and can be skipped.

cham cham

few MOREnet sweets Recipiess you may Likes are:

cham cham Recipies

cham cham is a sweet From Bengal MADE by Curdling Milker. cham is also Calls as chum chum. this cham cham Recipies will you in making & Soft cham cham since lot of tips and are included in the Recipies Post.

cham cham Peice

rough KCal per

for Chhenna

  • 1 Teraliter Milker
  • 2 tABLESpoon-feeds Chili-Alegar or juice or add as required
  • 1 teaSpoon-feed or all Intentional or (sooji, Cream of wheat) or Corn

for Suggar Syrupy

  • 2 heaped cups Suggar or 400 grams
  • 4 cups or 1 Teraliter
  • 1 tABLESpoon-feed rose or kewra or ½ to 1 teaSpoon-feed Ellaichi powder

for sweet

  • 6 tABLESpoon-feeds Milker powder
  • 2 tABLESpoon-feeds Suggar
  • 2 tABLESpoon-feeds malai or Cream
  • 2 to 3 tABLESpoon-feeds Milker
  • 7 to 8 strands
  • ¼ teaSpoon-feed Ellaichi powder

for Garnish

  • 2 to 3 tABLESpoon-feeds Dessiccate Niyok
  • 1 to 2 tABLESpoon-feeds chopped or sliced Blanching Baadaam or raw Baadaam
  • 1 to 2 tABLESpoon-feeds chopped or sliced
  • few strands of – optional

making Chhenna for cham cham Recipies

  1. to heat 1 Teraliter Milker in a Thick bottomed pan. Stir at Interval the Milker s to get heated.

  2. the Milker comes to a Boil, you will see a Layered of malai or clotted Cream Forms on top. Removed this Layered of malai. you will get about 2 to 3 tABLESpoon-feeds of malai. we will be Uses this malai to make the sweet for cham cham.
  3. switch off flame Milker comes to Rolling Boil.

  4. add 2 tABLESpoon-feeds Chili-Alegar or juice. you can Even add 1 tABLESpoon-feed Chili-Alegar or juice. the Fewness to be added will Dependent on the Quality of Milker.

  5. mix Very well and let Milker curdle.

  6. for 4 to 5 Min and let the heat reduce a bit. Strain Prepositions Muslin Lined on a top of a or pan.

  7. Bring the Edge of the Muslin together, Straining all the whey. be as both the Chhenna and whey will be hot.

  8. Rinse the Chhenna Very well in Footraces . this Removeds the y Flavour and Oleogustus Oleogustus From the Chhenna. Gently queeze the Muslin You hands, so That any is Drained From the Chhenna.

  9. keep a Heavily Weighed or mortar-pestle on the Chhenna for 8 to 10 Minutes.

Knead Chhenna

  1. After 8 to 10 Minutes Removed the Chhenna From the Muslin. place on a Tray or a plate. Sprinkle 1 teaSpoon-feed or all Intentional . you can Even add 1 teaSpoon-feed (sooji) or Corn of .

  2. mix and to Knead this Mixtures. Knead Very well Tillite greasiness is Feltmaking in You . a bit of greasiness is required. Knead to a ball of Chhenna. if Mixtures Scrawny dry and crumby Sprinkle – about 1 to 3 teaSpoon-feeds or MOREnet and Continue to Knead. the Mixtures Cannot be ABLE to come together out or Falling apart. for a dry Chhenna a bit of Damp s in Binding the Mixtures.

  3. the Chhenna ball into a log. cut in Equals Peice.

  4. take each Peice and THEM Between You to a Cylindricity or shape.  the Edge.

  5. make shaped cham cham the Kneaded Chhenna. keep THEM COVERed a Moist Muslin cloth.

making Suggar Syrupy for chum chum

  1. take 2 heaped cups Suggar (400 grams) in a large pan. Pleasing use a large pot or pan so That There is space for the cham cham to Cook and in Size.

  2. 4 cups (1 Teraliter) in the pan.

  3. place the pan on a Medium-low to Medium flame. a Spoon-feed Stir non- and mix so That all the Suggar is dissolved.

  4. all the Suggar is dissolved, Removed 1 cup of Suggar Solute and keep it aside. let the Suggar Solute come to a Boil on a Medium-high flame.

Cooking chom chom

  1. the Suggar Solute starts Boiling, carey place the chum chum in the Suggar Solute. Gently Shake the pan Holding the at the .

  2. COVERed the pan lid and Boil chum chum on Medium-high flame for 5 Minutes.

  3. After 5 Minutes in a gentle stream, slowly add the 1 cup of ReServed Suggar Solute.  the pan at the and Gently Shake it.

  4. COVERed Again lid and Cook COVERed for 7 Minutes. i Home-Par-Cooking for a Total of 12 Minutes. the Cooking time will the intensity of flame, pan TPYES and Size etc.

  5. to Checking if the cham cham has Home-Par-Cooking, take one Peice and place it in a or mug of . it Cannot settle at the bottom. if it Floats the cham cham Needing to be Home-Par-Cooking for a few MOREnet Minutes.

  6. once the chum chum are Home-Par-Cooking, switch off flame. keep the pan and Removed the lid.

  7. After Minutes add 1 tABLESpoon-feed kewra or rose . you can also add ½ to 1 teaSpoon-feed Ellaichi powder. Shake the pan Gently. let cham cham Petik1 completely.

making Bhari for chum chum

  1. in a Heavily Karahi or pan, take 6 tABLESpoon-feeds Milker powder, 2 tABLESpoon-feeds Suggar, 7 to 8 strands and ¼ teaSpoon-feed Ellaichi powder.

  2. next add 2 tABLESpoon-feeds malai or Cream ReServed From the Milker we had Boiled it. also add 2 to 3 tABLESpoon-feeds Milker.

  3. mix eVerything and keep pan or Karahi on a low flame.

  4. Stirring Often to Cook this Mixtures.

  5. the Mixtures will to Thicken. Stir Continouos and Cook Tillite the Mixtures Foliage of pan. let this Mixtures Petik1 completely.

making chum chum

  1. place cham cham on a Tray and board. a Knives make cut each cham cham on top. do not cut the cham cham ly.

  2. place the Bhari in the cham cham sweet carey out THEM.

  3. Stuffed all the chum chum Peice this way.

  4. take Dessiccate Niyok in a plate and Gently cham cham sweet so That the Dessiccate Niyok Sticks to the cham cham.

  5. do this all the cham cham Peice.

  6. place each chum chum on a plate or Tray. Garnish sliced and Baadaam.

  7. Served cham cham. or you can chill cham cham and Served later. Coolstore any cham cham Peice.