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The reason why I wrote up this healthy eating plan is my boyfriend literally lost nine kilos on it when he was super busy and working 10 hours a day. If you guys need a bit of guidance on what to cook and eat when you’re trying to eat healthy, you can check out my eBook. I’m really proud to announce that we have raised this much money so far. And today’s video is a tribute to all you lazy girls like me because if you’re anything like how I am, this is literally how you act around the house: Yeah, I’m thirsty What? There’s no more? Eh, I’ll live.

Fridge is too far. Now being lazy can actually be a really good thing for your healthy eating. A tendency to really not be bothered to find food, like, there are times when I am like this: I’m a bit peckish. Yeeeah, this will do. The key to a successful lifestyle change is to work with your personality and not against it and because I am this lazy, it’s actually the environment that plays a huge role in how I eat. If it’s really, really easy to eat and convenient, you will eat it because it’s just there.

If you replace everything you have in your cupboard with things that you’re supposed to eat, the same thing will happen because you’re way too lazy to get other food, you will just eat what’s in there. All you need to do is cut up some carrots and grab a tub of hummus. It’s really that easy. It’s so yum! You’d be surprised like how much food you have in your house but isn’t supposed to be there. I am honestly so guilty of stocking my house up with food that is not good for me simply because it’s on special. ‘kay, so I gotta get vegetables Half price? Hell yeah! Two for three dollars? Come to mama! So, if there’s one thing, I want you guys to have a look at today, to look at your pantry, your fridge, your cupboard, everything in your house, and just evaluate whether you want to keep eating that kind of food. If it changes one thing, it will make such a huge difference, even if all other things are equal.

Reminded you guys to get back on track with your healthy eating because I know how hard it is, I am constantly struggling with that.  I’ll see you right back here in a couple of days.