Healthy Video Recipes | Homemade Energy Bars | 2 Ingredient LARABARs

Hello beautiful people,

Today we are making three different types of two ingredient Larabars.

These are these delicious energy bars. They’re very minimal ingredients, but, they’re quite expensive.

So, we’re going to try and make it homemade for a lot cheaper and fresher. (ringing chime) These bars are essentially fruit and nut. So, the basis of this is going to be half dates and then half nuts. Now, there’s many recipes online which you can add in some dried fruit but we’re just focusing on the dates and nuts. And, these are going to be delicious. First off, we have peanuts and dates. All we’re gonna do is process these in the blender. (nuts rattling) (electronic whirling) (upbeat music) (electronic whilring) (upbeat music) (nuts rattling) (electronic whirling) (upbeat music) (electronic whirling) (sharp tapping) (upbeat music) And we are done, super easy and look at these beautiful bars.

Oh, man. I’m excited to dive in. It’s a cashew one. So much flavor, so delicious, and it tastes energetic. Oh my goodness. It’s spot on! So excited about this, you guys gotta make it. Buy your nuts in bulk. These can keep in your fridge for a couple weeks, or a couple months if you stick ’em in your freezer. And, you can totally take ’em to school or work and not worry about them going bad during the day. If you haven’t heard of the Eat Cheap and Healthy community on Reddit, you should really go and check that out. There’s tons of awesome recipes. They’re not paying me to promote or anything, but I’ve learned a ton from there, and I suggest you can do the same. If this is your first time here, please hit that subscribe button and comment down below.

Let me know what you wanna see me make. Thanks, guys..