How to Grow Organic Sprouts For Healthy Living

Hi, I’m Tricia, a California organic gardener.

Sprouts are incredibly delicious and nutritious, and a great way to get your greens throughout the cold winter is to eat sprouts. Today I’m gonna share with you how to start your sprouts from seed indoors. Be sure and use seeds that are specifically for sprouting. Regular seeds, even if they’re organic, that you would normally plant in the ground are not food grade, and that is what you need to use for sprouts.

There are two ways to start your sprouts – either in a tray or in a jar. Sprouting your seeds in a jar requires no special equipment. All you need is a clean sterile jar, a rubber band, and some mesh. The amount of seed that goes into the jar varies based on the seed size. Use one tablespoon of small seed like alfalfa, two tablespoons of medium sized seeds like radish, and a half a cup of large seeds like beans. So we’re just going to put the seed in the jar and then put the mesh on the jar and secure it. We’re just going to rinse off the seeds a few times. Now we’re gonna let the seeds soak in water for two to six hours, just until the seeds start to swell. The exception is the Brassica family, like cabbage and broccoli, they only need to soak for two hours.

Okay the seeds have been soaking for six hours. Now just drain off the water, put the jar in a glass bowl, or on a drying rack with a little bit of air flow. Repeat the rinsing process two times a day and within three to six days you’ll have sprouts inside the jar! Sprouting seeds in the tray is similar to the jar, you just want to put enough seed at the bottom of the tray to cover the bottom. A baking dish works really well for the next step which is to rinse and soak the seed. Fill your baking dish with about an inch of water. To rinse the seed just dip in the baking dish. After rinsing the seed we’re going to let it soak in water for about two to six hours. Just like that. The seeds have been soaking for six hours, so we just want to put them on the tray and cover them up.

We want to repeat the rinsing process twice a day, and after each rinse make sure and put the cover on the tray. You can begin eating your sprouts as soon as you see the roots. Sprouts can be stored in the fridge as long as they are well drained. There’s a slight risk of food borne illness with all raw foods. To minimize that risk, we recommend that you wash your hands before and after preparation, and sterilize all of your equipment. The FDA, to eliminate the risk, recommends that you cook your sprouts. Put some sprouts on your sandwich, and Grow Organic for Life!.