Low Carb Ketogenic Diet Basics

Hi everyone,

Many studies have shown low carb lifestyles result in more loss as compared to the standard low fat diet plan. The strictest low carb plans, like the ketogenic diet limit carb intake to non starchy vegetables, some dairy and nuts.

Starch and sugar carbohydrates are substituted with non starchy vegetables. healthy fats, and a moderate protein intake. While sugar, pastries, pasta, breads, cereal, beans or any other starches are not allowed and instead you eat non starchy vegetables, butter, fatty fish, oils and some dairy.

You also get to enjoy eggs, steak, bacon, chicken, seafood, and other proteins. The ketogenic diet triggers a metabolic process called ketosis where the body no longer gets its energy from the glucose that dietary carbs produce inside the body but instead begins to burn fat for energy, which is a very efficient way to burn fat stores and lose weight.

People that have gone on a low carb diet typically lose quite a bit of weight in the first 2 weeks.

As the water that’s tied to glycogen comes off the body. Starch and sugar carbs are insulin triggers they cause blood sugar spikes that lead to weight gain. While on a low carb diet these insulin triggers are eliminated, so the body can burn fat instead of storing it. Protein helps keep you full and satisfied so you naturally eat less, but also helps to increase lean muscle mass that promotes fat burning. A low carb diet naturally regulates the appetite because all of those insulin trigger foods that wreak havoc in the bloodstream that cause erratic hunger and out of control cravings are eliminated.

Researchers from Saint Louis in Japan also found that the hunger-regulating hormone leptin is positively affected by the low carb diet’s ability to reduce triglyceride levels in the body which allows leptin in the body to work much more effectively in regulating the appetite.
When people embark on a low carb diet their appetite significantly drops and they naturally feel more satisfied with less food resulting in an additional weight loss boost as they naturally eat less calories and without suffering and starvation.

And best of all you get to eat real food: meats, fish, chicken, bacon, eggs, healthy fats vegetables, and there are hundreds of terrific low carb recipes to fill your menus. Low carb diets are not fads, but lifestyles that have helped thousands of people Reverse obesity and improve their health. It may just do the same for you..


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