Vegan mac & cheese | Living The Healthy Choice

Hello! For today’s recipe I have changed an old classic and “veganized” it: Mac & Cheese or pasta with cheese sauce However, we do not use any “real” cheese, but make our own cheesy sauce. The main ingredient here are ‘yeast flakes’. Nutritional yeast is a great alternative for vegans or vegetarians.

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How to Grow Organic Sprouts For Healthy Living

Hi, I’m Tricia, a California organic gardener. Sprouts are incredibly delicious and nutritious, and a great way to get your greens throughout the cold winter is to eat sprouts. Today I’m gonna share with you how to start your sprouts from seed indoors. Be sure and use seeds that are specifically for sprouting. Regular seeds, […]

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Beauty Tips & Healthy Living with Sesame Oil

Can you imagine…that would be awesome… I’ve been using this stuff from my whole life and yes you may smell like stir fry when it’s on your body and hair. So if you’re into asian food I don’t think this is for you. I’m pretty sure when I was born, my mom took me out […]

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