Exercise vs Diet

Trying to lose weight can be difficult, and while we all know a good combination of exercise Diet is necessary, which one is more important? If you have to choose, you must be among Gym, or diet? There are many ways that you can burn a few hundred calories. Run for 20 minutes, hour From […]

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Plant & Animal Proteins – the Building Blocks of the Body

Protein-rich foods, including animal and plant-based proteins can also vary enormously in their quality and their implications for our long-term health. Proteins are often said to act as building blocks for the lean tissues in our bodies. But they serve many other important functions in body regulation, supportive immune function and a variety of other […]

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19 fat Burning Foods

How many time did You look for the miracle food for weight loss? Maybe with exotic name and fancy look? Well, maybe you’re forgetting those commonly available foods, often undervalued but second to none in terms of detox and metabolism booster qualities. Here’s a list of 19 of them!

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