Practical Approach To Healthy Eating

  I have been doing push-ups five days a week for over 25 years. My arms are pretty strong but it did not happen overnight. I did not do push-ups for a couple weeks or months and then stopped. I had to make push-ups a habit if I wanted to continuously get the results I […]

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7 Things You Can Do To Lose Weight Naturally

Are you trying to lose weight? There are many things that help weight loss besides a fad diet and exercising once in a while. It needs proper planning and a lot of determination. You’ve probably heard of some hard weight loss plans that actually make losing weight difficult and complicated. You can reach your weight […]

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Vegan mac & cheese | Living The Healthy Choice

Hello! For today’s recipe I have changed an old classic and “veganized” it: Mac & Cheese or pasta with cheese sauce However, we do not use any “real” cheese, but make our own cheesy sauce. The main ingredient here are ‘yeast flakes’. Nutritional yeast is a great alternative for vegans or vegetarians.

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