Tips For Healthier Living From Someone Who Sucked At It

Hey, what’s up? I am Muchelle B.

If you’ve been following me for like a long time, You might remember a video that I made. It’s on private now But and it was called ‘Five unhealthy snack ideas’.

Basically at the start of the video I was like hey, you know I see healthy snack idea videos all the time ‘I’ve seen a lot of like three quick easy healthy lunch snacks videos around, but the thing is I don’t have that many healthy snacks that I usually eat ‘And then I realized that I don’t really know of many healthy snacks’.

So here are my unhealthy snack ideas: I think in that video I featured a bacon banana and cheese sandwich I think there was like a milkshake in there since then I’ve gone to like not eating red meat, vegetarian, now I’m plant-based.

So a lot has obviously changed about my diet. So in this video I want to share with you nine things that you can do that I have done successfully. Slowly integrated into my life in the past few years to make healthy living and healthy eating a little bit easier. Tip number one is to sneak healthy stuff into your food. Nearly everything that I eat comes with a little like healthy sprinkle of Spinach or I’ll just chuck some chickpeas into it, you can even do it with like little almond flakes are really easy to sneak into things. So find out this sort of nutrients that you need and figure out ways that you can start sneaking them into your food really easily if it is just like a healthy handful of spinach That totally works. Tip number two: When it comes to grains: swap unhealthy grains for healthy grains So I swap white rice for brown rice or swap brown rice for quinoa. Swap white bread for rye bread or multigrain bread And it’s not even really just grains, so even when I was vego I swapped my normal milk for almond milk.

Swap olive oil for coconut oil, which will only really make a little difference but hey, it’s still a thing that you can do. Swapping those core ingredients can make a big difference And it’s also really not that noticeable Especially if you do it like slowly over time, and you don’t like freak out and then go “No! This is too restrictive for me.” Tip number Three is to keep easy, no-effort-required, healthy-ish snacks available to you. So make sure that you have like healthy things that you can go to when you get those Cravings that are just in your drawers at home and at work.

Tip number four is to park further away than you normally would in a car park. I pretty much do this anyways because I don’t like parking in busy areas of car parks. So if you park a little bit farther away, but it’s not like you’re running a marathon But it’s a little bit more walking into your day Especially if you’re not like a super active person, like you sit at like an office all day.

If you always park just that little bit further it’ll get you like a tiny little bit more movement in. Tip number five: Have three go-to meals. I feel like I preach this all the time, that you can go to really easily or even like three to five meals. It should be meals to take like five to ten minutes to make so really easy that you pretty much always have the Ingredients for, and that are nutritious and good for you. If you have really simple, easy to make go-to meals that are always there for you when you get like a strike of hunger It’s not that hard to convince yourself to put those meals together, as opposed to getting something really unhealthy. Tip number six is to learn to make vegetables in a way that you like so I don’t like steamed vegetables.

I’m not a steamed vegetable kind of gal However, I chuck a lot of vegetables into a stir-fry Or if I sort of roast my vegetables and chuck like a lot of herbs onto them like a little bit of salt I prefer them a lot more that way than I would if I steamed them, because steamed Vegetables are not very tasty. So if you’re someone who doesn’t really like vegetables or just doesn’t like healthy food in general it may Just be that you haven’t tried to cook them in a way that works for you.

So try experimenting. Literally Google like how to make something taste better, how to make broccoli taste better And you’ll find like a ton of options available for you So my next tip is to make your healthy food more accessible to you. So for example with my spinach I like to take it out of its like little packet and put it into a container. Whereas if I keep it in the plastic I find that it like gets all wilted at the bottom And I have to like have a little clip thing that I have to take off every single time I need to use it and obviously The easier things are to access, the easier things are for you to do and for you to reach and more likely you’ll want to use them So that might not necessarily mean transferring all your food into Tupperware containers It could mean rearranging your fridge so that the healthy stuff is more at eye-level. Whatever it may be it’s just make your healthier food Easier for you to go to.

And make sure that you know how to incorporate your healthy food into your meal, because there’s no point Buying like a whole bunch of healthy fresh food and not actually knowing how you’re going to incorporate it into your meals for the week. Know you’ll hunger cues. So I’m pretty routine and when I get hungry during the day, I know when I’m going to get hungry So I make sure that there is healthy food accessible to me at those times I know what I’m gonna make. So if you have specific times in a day when you know that you’re gonna crave a snack just Make sure that you have a snack pre-planned and like eat before you get to that point where you’re like “I’m so hungry. I could eat anything.” I have no idea how many tips I just covered I feel like I just went from like one to seven to six to two. If you guys have any tips that you’ve used in your life to make healthy eating or healthy living in general a bit easier for you leave them in the comments down below…