Hey everyone,
today I’m gonna be showing you what tips for a healthy lifestyle help you get on track or you every live like a healthy lifestyle.
Maybe you’ll learn something.
I’m hoping that you’re gonna learn something now so I gathered at things that I like to do and that really helped we know and so do i hope you enjoyed this video so the first tip I have is to eat a good at filling breakfast full of protein and fiber this is really going to start your day off go ahead that way you have the fuel to get through the day you haven’t eaten in a while you’ve been sleeping so you literally want to break the fast that’s me breaking a break from a fast for a bear.

I see you always something that’s full of protein and fiber so that keeps you full for a long time and it’s also going to help you not binge later on in the day so you won’t be tempted to eat all kinds of junk food that type things that you have with the energy and feel that you need the day I really like having oatmeal and this is really good especially this feel cooler when you live where you just like something warm in your stomach when you wake up in the morning so i put some almond butter on top and an strawberries and kind of feel like peanut butter and jelly I did it I like it my second tip is to focus word eating more real food and less processed food so wasted is taking to the perimeter of the grocery stores that you’re eating things that haven’t been heavily process so it’s going to have like a hundred calories of an apple vs like a hundred calories of like those in station was like you know hundred calorie cookie packs that are like sure they’re hundred calories but they’re also full of a lot of like I with those parts there have been other process versus a hundred value of an apple you’ll get a lot more benefits from with the Apple then you will the process snacks so just start like making those kind of swamps and eating more real food unless processes and this gets me and to my utter tape which is to make some healthy spots in your everyday meals so I call pinterest if I’m making a recipe just look for some healthy swaps that I can you use in there and that way it will increase the nutritional value of what you’re eating so you’re my next step is to give it yourself a power hour and what this means that you’re getting up yeah you’re getting up an hour earlier I know guys it’s hard but I promise like it’s just so enjoyable so with this power hour is you take 20 minutes for your mind 20 minutes for your body and 20 minutes for yourself so for your mind you could do something like meditation or journaling or your body you could do something like I just a nice well just do some nice stretching and it’s going to really start your day off right and then something for your soul you can listen to a podcast or read a nice positive inspiring book I really been liking the book you are bad as my gin Carrie I think so Carrie I think that’s how you say it is audible .

Bonus round my next step is to use it out of something like MyFitnessPal just to keep track of your portion sizes and what you’re eating i think a lot of the time you know you’re saying i’m having a bullet see over records you’ll keep track of that but your bowl of what you’re pouring in mayor be like three servings i’m totally guilty this 0 you follow ball and it turns out one service one cup and if you measure we put your ball dirty three cups so i suggest for a couple days just doing masters to see kind of what you’re eating how much you’re eating just to make sure that like you know you’re eating a good serving amount and stuff like that my next step is to just overall cut down on the amount of sugar like processor you have your diet kind of try to incorporate more fruits friends are really great natural fruit juice and Lucas and your body runs on glucose like as physical energy unit all the cars and everything you eat those kind of like the calories calories are entered their sugar or glucose what your body needs to kind of keep going so just take back and have a lot of fruits make a smoothie bulb is going to give you a lot of like fruit energy that’s going to be good for you and it’s also going to satisfy your sweet tooth my next step is to drink some green juice or if you don’t have a juicer you can make it smoothly it’ll just be like more fibrous and less like juicy but a lot of making green juices because it’s a really easy way to get in a bunch of vitamins and minerals that are really fresh and tastes really good especially if you’re not super into the taste of spinach or candle or kind of like the green vegetables you can really highlight in the green juice by using things like apples oranges and pineapple because the sweetness of those things will like totally you won’t even taste like the spinach with the kale there’s an easy way to kind of get those nutrients my last thing is to just have fun and experiment with new recipes try something like meatless Monday’s if you are going to use meter and see how you like maybe not having an experiment with something on pinterest invite your friends over like make fun just buy something that you like because I guarantee there’s going to be a healthy recipe that you like you just have to have fun kind of see the kinds of things you do like the kind of things you don’t like to thank you guys for watching my tips if you about name helpful please let me know down Thomas blow or being happy that i haven’t mentioned also let us now so that we can all share and like the health tips I always do this why doesn’t every video i hope you guys are all having a fabulous day and I will see you in my next video is