Buckwheat porridge | Living The Healthy Choice


Today I wanna share a porridge recipe – a buckwheat porridge!
If you’re looking for an alternative for oats, this is a good one!

Buckwheat is not a wheat, as you might think due to its name, but from the knotweed family.
Completely gluten-free, so especially for celiacs a great porridge alternative. (Oops, repeating myself.) What’s always good when you let the buckwheat soak in water beforehand. I usually do it at night (when I feel like having a good old porridge) Just add water, and let it soak for at least 4-5 hours and rinse well.

And it’s completely normal that it swells up a little and gets almost a little slimy (hihi) I’m going to mix it in the food processor with banana, which makes it nice and creamy. You CAN cook it as well, if you like however I decided to make it all “raw”..